Face to Face Garden Design

Make a garden design appointment either online or by telephone and we can get started on the first stage of making your garden beautiful. The first stage is a no obligation meeting to discuss your garden requirements. This is a free consultation meeting to see if I can help you achieve the garden of your dreams ...

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Online Remote Garden Design

Or, if you are further afield but still wish to use Plan A Head gardens then use the online garden design pack. This includes all the necessary tools required for you to give me the information required to design your garden remotely. I will send then through the design ready for you get to quotes from a local landscaper ...

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Why employ a Garden Designer when so many Landscapers offer this service free of charge ?

Getting a house built without detailed architect plans is something most of us would never consider. Drawings not only give the customer an insight into the final product but provides the builder with building guidelines.

It is the same with gardens. The garden designer is the 'architect' and is able to help with the overall vision and ideas. The landscaper is the 'builder' and has the expertise to make those ideas a reality.

Many landscapers have lots of experience as to what will look good in a garden. They will try to verbalise their thoughts or produce them on a handwritten drawing. The reality however can get lost in translation and there is always the potential for mistakes. Scaled CAD drawings will ensure that quotations are accurate and reduce the possibility of miscommunications.

Furthermore, landscapers frequently offer 'free garden design' packages. It is inevitable however that somewhere along the chain you are being charged for their time to complete a drawing. These are hidden costs. Plan A Head makes these charges visible to you ahead of construction and can also estimate the cost building your garden.

Garden designers will maximise the full potential of any garden. They do this by considering overall layout and the available budget of the customer to create beautiful and achievable gardens.

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