Local Face to Face Design Service

The Design Process

1) A free home visit to the client to assess the existing garden and ascertain what the garden design requirements are. To measure and survey the garden.

2) 14 - 21 day lead time (dependent on workload) to produce a scaled CAD outline drawing of the garden design (or hand drawn if preferred) with jpeg images to help with visualisation of the garden

3) A second visit to present the drawing and discuss ideas

4) Produce one set of amends and pdf for approval

5) Send 2 printed copies of drawing by post

The fees and charges for Garden Designs are often complex with consultation, presentation fees and travel costs all costed separately. It is the aim for Plan A Head Garden Design to simplify these so that there is a clarity of costs before services are engaged.

Travel anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Fareham for a set cost (dependent on the size of your garden as listed below) to include all of the items listed in the Design Process above.

up to 100 sq m                    £300.00

101 sq m - 200 sq m            £400.00

over 200 sq m                     £500.00

Gardens over 400 sq m to be priced on an individual basis following a site visit.

Additional costs

       detailed planting plan  £5.00 per sq m

additional amends/consultation £20.00 per hour

prices for tendering/project management/any other eventualities can be discussed on an individual basis


Online Remote Garden Design *

The Design Process

1) A pack is sent via email or by post containing; a questionnaire, a guide on how to measure your garden and graph paper

2)  Client measures and draws up a sketch of their own garden (not required to be to scale but accurate measurements are important), takes photographs and fills in questionnaire

3) Paperwork is returned at clients own leisure

4) 14 - 21 day lead time to produce scaled CAD outline drawing with pictures to help visualisation

5) Drawing is sent back to client by pdf drawing to review

6) Produce one set of amends if required and pdf for approval

7) Send 2 printed copies by post

By removing the face to face consultation part of this process the costs become more affordable. Drawings will only be as accurate as the client has measured but this will be sufficient for any professional landscaper to work to and amend as required


up to 250 sq m         £250.00

planting plan            £75.00

* Only suitable for gardens up to 250 sq m that are not subject to height elevation changes

2D CAD Drawings

The garden design will arrive as a 2D CAD drawing printed on A3 size paper. The drawings will be scaled either to 1:100 or 1:50 which makes it easy for landscapers to accurately quote and build from.

One version will be a detailed, colour copy with enhanced images to help the visualisation of certain aspects....

2D CAD Drawings

...The other version will be a black & white copy with measurements, elevation changes and electric circuits to help landscapers estimate the job accurately. It will also highlight material recommendations and ideas.

Mood boards and hand drawn designs can also form part of the project where necessary or requested.

Payment terms and conditions

A £100 deposit is required for all design work payable by BACS or cheque.

  • For face to face clients this is invoiced after the initial consulation should services with Plan A Head Garden Design be acceptable 
  • For online designs this will be invoiced at the same time the design pack is issued

The remainder is payable within 10 days of receipt of completed drawing